Annie Frazier Creator & Producer

Hi there- I’m Annie and I spend quite a bit of time talking with people about non-monogamous relationships and queerness… and now I’m bringing those conversations to you! Who am I to take on such a task? Well, I’m a community organizer in my local poly group. I also blog about polyamory and consider myself to be a creative type with a penchant for initiating conversations with strangers.  I’m a queer woman (she/her or they/them, please!) who has been practicing polyamory for the last six years- but I still have A LOT of questions and am by no means an expert.

Most of the people I interview for Talk About Love wouldn’t consider themselves experts, either. We’re all figuring it out as we go. We all have stories to tell. And it’s time to decentralize the conversation.

At the most tender heart of this project, I want to amplify voices from unheard perspectives. I want to elevate the stories of people who are often not represented: queer people, trans, nonbinary and genderqueer people, and people in non-traditional relationships of all kinds (like polyamory, solo poly, relationship anarchy, open relationships and more!). This project is all about developing connection, empathy and showing what’s possible when it comes to love. And from what I’ve seen so far, the possibilities are endless.

Janae Elisabeth- Production Assistant & Social Media Strategy

I’m Janae, a bisexual poly woman (she/her), and I’ve never had a monogamous relationship in my life. I was raised by Christian fundamentalists, but I knew from a young age that love is so much bigger than the tiny boxes of the status quo.

I’m a neurodivergent artist, researcher, support group facilitator, and community organizer for my local poly group. The core pillars of my work are intersectional feminism, attachment theory, and modern trauma science, which are all about relationships. So, when Annie brought this podcast idea to me, I was thrilled to join a project that touches my deepest interests. I’m so excited to help share diverse stories about love with you!